ATPR Expands Abstractor Network

May 12, 2015

American Tax & Property Reporting, Inc. (ATPR), a provider of technology focused solutions for the real estate and settlement services industry, announced the expansion of its nationwide abstractor network for SmartProp, a next generation property search reporting product.

Corey Hulbert, head of sales for SmartProp, noted that online search orders are already being delivered in less than 24 hours. With the expansion of the abstractor network, SmartProp’s turn time for abstractor-based searches will be shortened to 48 to 72 hours.

“Because of the quality and value we are delivering to our clients, we are increasingly being recognized as the ‘trust network,’” Hulbert said. “This initiative is part of an ongoing and consistent effort to increase our responsiveness and build trust with our customers.”

The current expansion adds over 34 established field abstractors to the SmartProp nationwide abstractor network. With this addition, SmartProp enhances its reach across 900 additional counties across its current owner, two-owner and full-search products.

“We are consistently working to build a county wise abstractor network,” said Alok Datta, president of ATPR. “While SmartProp already has a nationwide abstractor coverage, our focus currently is to also partner with abstractors at a county level, so we can leverage their significant knowledge specific to their jurisdiction.”

According to Datta, the expanded network means SmartProp customers can expect aggressive turnaround times and more competitive pricing structures. 

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