Registration Opens for Closing Insight

April 16, 2015

To help meet mandated delivery requirements under the TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure rule, RealEC Technologies launched a new online solution for lenders and settlement providers to collaborate and reconcile Closing Disclosure fees on a single platform.

RealEC opened registration for its Closing Insight Portal on April 15. During registration, settlement agents must provide company and user information, including company name and primary address, software application utilized and any applicable software license IDs. Settlement agents using proprietary software or commercial software outside of RealEC’s Partner Network will be given access to Closing Insight through RealEC’s service provider web portal.

Closing Insight allows title and settlement agents to:

  • Exchange messages, data and documents securely with the lender
  • Receive and deliver the fee information required to prepare the Closing Disclosure
  • Provide real-time status updates on loan/closing events
  • Enable collaboration between parties in preparation of the Closing Disclosure
  • Reconcile the Loan Estimate with the final Closing Disclosure
  • Ensure the parties the closing agents communicate with are authorized to see the information and work with them
  • Leverage the Closing Insight analytics business rules to provide greater visibility into data and documents for closing
  • assist lender compliance with government regulations

To support creation of the Closing Disclosure, Closing Insight is integrating with the following title and settlement production software platforms:

  • SoftPro
  • RamQuest
  • FAST, Streamline and TitleExpress
  • ResWare
  • Aim+/SureClose
  • SnapClose
  • LandTech
  • RBJ-Edge

There are service provider transaction fees for title and closing sent through Closing Insight. Fees vary depending on the type of order (title, closing, signing appointment services, ePolicy) and if the order goes to a lender-selected service provider (a service provider on a written settlement service provider list) or if the borrower selected the service provider. There is no fee if the borrower shopped for their own provider.  

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