SoftPro Unveils Closing Disclosure Solution

March 12, 2015

SoftPro, a provider of title, closing and escrow software, announced that its SoftPro Select Edition Solution of the Closing Disclosure will be ready to ship in late March. SoftPro customers and prospective customers will have the opportunity to preview the operational Closing Disclosure Form available through SoftPro’s Select edition software in a webinar scheduled for 2 p.m. ET, March 19.

With the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s TILA-RESPA integrated disclosures going into effect Aug. 1, SoftPro’s release will include the Closing Disclosure that will be required for most residential mortgage transactions.

“SoftPro customers will soon have in hand the tools they need to be compliant with the CFPB’s Final Rule,” said Joyce Weiland, president of SoftPro. “Our goal since the final rule was published was not only to have a working solution in place for our customers well-before August 1, but also to provide our customers with all of the training, tools and resources they need to be prepared for the deadline ahead.”

To ensure customers are well-informed and prepared for the changes ahead, SoftPro has developed resources that are accessible through a variety of channels. Over a year ago, SoftPro introduced an informative blog to monitor news related to the industry and the CFPB regulations. SoftPro customers also have access to many resources and videos under their mySoftPro login. In April, SoftPro will host its 16th Annual User Group Conference, which will provide a wealth of information and training. In May SoftPro will begin a series of over 40 on-the-road, hands-on training seminar opportunities to train SoftPro customers in locations all over the country. 

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