Follow ALTA’s Blog for Updates on the CFPB’s Integrated Mortgage Disclosures

January 15, 2015

Have a question or concern about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s final rule for integrated mortgage disclosures? You can submit questions to ALTA and follow ALTA’s blog for the answers. Submitted questions are reviewed by ALTA staff, members of ALTA’s Combined Mortgage Disclosures Work Group, and outside compliance experts. Answers are then posted to the blog.

Several replies have already been posted to the blog, including answers to these questions:

There are many other questions in the pipeline and there will be plenty of additional questions as the industry prepares for the Aug. 1, 2015 implementation deadline. If you have questions about the rule, you can submit them either through the submission box or by emailing

ALTA hopes the blog will become a valuable tool as companies begin the process of assessing, understanding and implementing the new rule.

“By providing a central and open resource for the title and lending industries, our goal is to make it easier for both industries to implement this rule in a uniform manner,” said Michelle Korsmo, ALTA’s chief executive officer. “In addition, if we receive questions that we are unable to answer or provide answers that differ from the positions of the lenders, this provides us with something to bring to CFPB for a clarification.”

Email Jeremy Yohe if you have suggestions on ways to improve the blog or have suggestions on other tools ALTA should consider developing.

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