Pioneer Technology Group Launches Tax Deed Sale System in Florida

July 29, 2014

Pioneer Technology Group announced it has installed new technology called TaxSmart in Hernando County, Fla., to bring efficiency to the tax deed sale process.

The tax deed sale process involves a series of steps, including authentication of ownership, notification of parties, confirmation of funds, and precise distribution of tax revenues to multiple governmental entities and departments. With numerous legal and financial considerations, the precise administration of this process presents a challenge for county clerks and tax collectors, Pioneer Technology Group said in a release.

“We’re excited to now be live on a product that streamlines our tax deed processes,” said Samantha Haun, policy and project specialist for Hernando County. “We required significant financial functionality, and Pioneer and our team worked hand in hand, with both devoting substantial time and effort in the development process. As a result, TaxSmart is a very intuitive and user-friendly product. Pioneer also provided onsite training that assisted staff in quickly adapting to the change in processes. Soon after going live with TaxSmart, we held our first sale, which went very smoothly.”

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