Pennsylvania County Expands Electronic Recording Options

September 20, 2011

PropertyInfo Corp. (PIC), a provider of end-to-end records management solutions, has partnered with Berks County, Pa., to offer additional electronic recording services for legal documents via eSecureFile to the county’s submitters.

“Electronic recording has proven to be a tremendous benefit for our submitters and our office. Not only is it a secure and efficient way to record documents, it saves time and money and is environmentally friendly. We are excited to provide another eRecording option through eSecureFile. Adding eSecureFile gives the county the opportunity to reach more submitters and increase electronic recordings,” said Frederick Sheeler, Berks County recorder of deeds. “We are continually looking for ways to enhance our services to our constituents while reducing costs. It’s important that we can give our customers options and flexibility when recording documents in our office,” Sheeler added.

With eSecureFile, submitters can electronically submit land records in minutes – virtually eliminating travel time and expenses associated with visiting the local courthouse. There is no software to install and no set-up costs, which is a benefit for submitters and offers a no-risk solution. Once the submitter has signed up with eSecureFile they have the ability to eRecord into all eSecureFile counties.

“PropertyInfo is excited to add Berks County as another county to its network of eSecureFile customers to electronically record land records,” says Kyle Chaney, vice president of PropertyInfo’s government services division. “We are focused on expanding our eRecording geographic coverage for all of our clients, and we value our eSecureFile customers and the counties we partner with to help make this happen. It is important to provide a seamless, cost-effective solution that benefits both parties,” adds Chaney.

Berks County is an urban area of 411,442 persons (2010 Census), situated in southeastern Pennsylvania. The county seat, which is the city of Reading, is 56 miles northwest of Philadelphia and the heart of the Delaware Valley region

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