LSI Credit Services Division and ABN AMRO Mortgage Group's InterFirstlink Give Financial Institutions a Marketing Edge

September 27, 2004

Jacksonville, Fla. -- LSI Credit Services, a division Fidelity National Financial, Inc. (NYSE:FNF), has joined forces with ABN AMRO Mortgage Group to offer the lender's InterFirstlink financial institutions partners a Web-based lead generation and marketing tool. The integration of Fidelity's Lead Locator Plus™ (LLP) marketing solution with InterFirstlink's Web site will enable financial institutions to quickly obtain custom-qualified mortgage leads for targeted marketing initiatives.

Lead Locator Plus™ helps facilitate business development efforts by allowing clients to develop lists of highly qualified potential purchase or niche mortgage customers. This marketing solution provides detailed lead information compiled from a variety of public resources, credit bureau data and proprietary Fidelity National Financial data repositories. To ensure targeted results, LLP offers hundreds of lead selection criteria options including FICO®, income, loan types, property types, value ratio (LTV), loan amount and geographic variations.

LLP also features the ability for community bank members to customize marketing materials for use in lead generation campaigns. Marketing collateral personalized in LLP can be mailed with system-generated labels or sent electronically from the Web-based program to each individual in the custom lead database. Lead Locator Plus™ offers a wide variety of marketing materials for client use, including branded letters and postcards.

"Lead Locator Plus™ ensures the success of a financial institutions' mortgage program by facilitating outreach to a targeted list of potential customers," said Michael Griffith, ABN AMRO Mortgage Group senior vice president and InterFirstlink group manager. "It offers time and money saving tools that provide the valuable sales leads and marketing materials financial institutions need, but don't often have the resources to develop in-house."

"InterFirstlink is dedicated to community bankers, a market segment that is typically underserved," said Fidelity's LSI Credit Services president Rob Boitano. "By providing this core market segment with the resources and programs they need to succeed, InterFirstlink provides a tremendous service. Fidelity is pleased to be the lead generation and marketing solution chosen to support these important efforts."

SOURCE: Fidelity National Financial, Inc.

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