Gathering data around the issue of seller impersonation fraud is essential to providing education, identifying red flags, combating fraudsters, and protecting consumers. Your participation helps ALTA better communicate the threat of seller impersonation fraud and creates data that can be used for educational purposes.

Fraudsters are impersonating property owners to illegally sell residential property they do not own. Fraudsters have become increasingly advanced in their efforts and the key to staying vigilant is being informed.  
Because fraudsters are targeting properties that are not owner occupied, it can take months or years for the actual property owner to discover the fraud. There are two victims when these fraudulent transactions occur, the unsuspecting buyer, and the legitimate property owner. 

ALTA’s brand new Seller Impersonation Fraud Study will collect the necessary data to better understand the seller impersonation fraud landscape, arm consumers and businesses with knowledge and resources to detect and combat these activities, and strengthen ALTA’s ability to advocate on this important issue.

Data privacy is a top priority for ALTA and we want you to know your information is safe! The study is hosted on a secure platform and all responses are completely anonymous. 

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