What is TIPAC?


The Title Industry Political Action Committee (TIPAC) is the voluntary, non-partisan Political Action Committee (PAC) of the America Land Title Association. It is the only PAC that directly represents the interest of the title industry in our nation's political system. TIPAC raises money to help elect and re-elect candidates to Congress who understand and support the issues affecting the title industry.

Diamond ($5,000)

Jim Blair IV
Randall E Bradley
Liz Halabu Casselman Esq., CLTP
Monica Gilroy NTP
Craig Haskins
Paul A. Hofmann WTP
Cornelia M. Horner CMP
Don Kennedy
Donald A. O'Neill
Maureen Pfaff NTP, WTP
Brian Pitman
Kelly Lyn Romeo CAE
Tara Smith
Lisa M Steele
Quinn H. Stufflebeam
Diane Tomb
Stephen Vincini
Kevin R. Wall
John Williams

Emerald ($2,500 - $4,999)

Michael Brandner
Jill A. Bunch
Robert E. Burgess III
Scott T. Chandler CTIS, NTP
Steven G. Day NTP
Cara L. Detring NTP
Wendy Ethen
Nick Hacker
Blake P. Hanby
Gregory M Kosin
Jack Rattikin III
Randy Rempp
David Scott
Mary Thomas
Richard H. Welshons NTP

Platinum ($1,000 - $2,499)

Andrew Acker
Deborah S. Bailey Esq.
Deborah Boyd
Craig L. Burns
Amanda Calloway
Stephanie Campbell NTP, VCTSA
Shonna Stock Cardello CLTP, NTP
Laura Dishman
Andrea S. Ewan
James A. Fine Jr.
W. Morris Fine
J. Allen Fine
Steve Gottheim
Kimberly Hartnett
Carolyn Hoyer-Abbinante
Marianne Mathieu NTP
Donald M. Mewhort III
Chris Mule
Frank Pellegrini
Scott Pierce
Craig Rants
Thomas D. Richardson
Michael L. Rubin IEP, NTP
Angela Saiz
Bob Sewell
Chris H St. John KTP, NTP
Joshua Terry
Mark R. Till
Jennifer Weast
Greg N. Wick
Daniel M. Wold
Robert Wuerfel CLTP
Brooks Yeager

Gold ($500 - $999)

Michael Abbey
Brandi Elaine Abercrombie CESP, CTIP, NTP
Paula J. Bachmeier NTP
Patti K. Bonner CTIP
George C. Calloway
M. Gordon Daniels
David B. Dunbar
John Dyer
Delbert L Evans
Stephen M Gerdes II
Scott Gillen
Cindy Immonen CLTP, NTP
Brandt Keefe
Jeffrey R. Lees NTP
Laura Louise Martin J.D.
John Mashack NTP
Nancy J. McHugh
Michael O'Neal
Elizabeth Reilly
William J Richardson
Jeff Rogero
Todd D Rowe Esq., CLTP
Michael C Savas CTIP
Paul F. Spano
Eric Swarthout NTP
Nicole Timpanaro
Michael Trowbridge
David G. Welshons
Andy Wert
Elizabeth J Wysong Berg ITP, NTP
Jeremy Yohe

Silver ($250 - $499)

Becky Abbott
Andrew Adkins
Linda JH Aparo NTP
AnnMarie Arens
Andi Bolin CESP, NTP
Stephen A Bolla
Alex Brown
Toni Carroll NTP
Debra S. Cavanaugh
Melinda Criddle SHRM
Peter C. Croizat
Nicole Davidson
Brenda Donath
Annette Duda
Mary Jo Edmiston MTP, NTP
Jenifer Ehmann
Erin Faulkner
Angelia Ficetola
Parrish Fortenberry
Jamie L Gavello
Wendy S. Gibbons Esq.
Brian K. Glaze
Cindy Guanell ITP, NTP
Megan Hernandez
Mark B. Higdon
Laura Hudkins
Dione Joseph J.D., NTP, OLTP
Kristi Kaufman NTP
Michelle Lenahan
Matthew Lindner
Michael T. Malone KTP, MTP, TPN
Andy Maloney
Tansy Ann Manders
Jenny Martin
Tina Merritt AHWD
Scott Merritt
J. Edmund Mullin
Jake Nesselrodt
Deb Paoli
Ryan Ritter
Mike Schwab
Samuel D. Shellhaas
Sharlene Shineldecker CLTP, NTP
Candi J. Slobodnik KTP, MTP, NTP
Kelly A Spengler NTP, OLTP
Taylor A. Spolidoro
Phil Stein
Shawn Sullivan
Sherri Sweeney
Thomas P. Tafuri
Becky Taylor NTP
Jeffrey W Thompson Esq.
Cory Thompson
Robin D. Watts
Keith Wellman
Jeff Wiener
Howard L. Winston
David M. Zawadzki
Shari K. Zissman

TIPAC Education Fund

Diamond ( > $25,000 )

First American Title Insurance Company
FNF Family of Companies
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company

Platinum ($5,000 - $14,999)

Doma Title Insurance, Inc.
Independence Title
Pioneer Title Agency, Inc.
The Title Team
Westcor Land Title Insurance Company
WFG National Title Insurance Company

Gold ($1000 - $4,999)

Agents National Title Insurance Company
Bluegrass Land Title, LLC
D. Bello
Knight Barry Title, Inc.
Minnesota Land Title Association
The Security Title Guarantee Corp. of Baltimore

Silver ( < $1000 )

Olympic Peninsula Title Co.

People Have Power

By law, corporations and trade associations cannot contribute to anyone seeking political office or to political parties. But people can. PACs allow individuals with common interests—ALTA members, for example—to pool their resources and directly support candidates of interest to our industry. PACs are the most legal, transparent and federally monitored form of engagement in the political process.

Authorize TIPAC to Solicit Your Employees

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) TIPAC to obtain approval from ALTA members before it can solicit and accept contributions from their employees. Giving permission simply gives TIPAC permission to communicate with your executive and administrative personnel, stockholders and family members of these two groups about TIPAC.

It does not obligate your company or employees to support or contribute to TIPAC.

Permission to Solicit Form
This is not a contribution.

Online Form
This page is password-protected. 

TIPAC Fast Facts
  1. TIPAC can only accept personal contributions from individuals. No corporate contributions are permitted due to Federal Election Commission (FEC) law.
  2. TIPAC "hard dollars" are contributions from individuals that go directly to candidates.
  3. TIPAC "soft dollars" are contributions that can be made with corporate checks or credit cards and are used to cover the administrative expenses of the PAC. Soft dollars cannot be used for campaign contributions.
  1. Every dollar TIPAC raises (over $200) or spends is reported to the FEC and is publicly available at www.fec.gov.
  2. Individuals may contribute up to $5,000 per calendar year to TIPAC. Contributions are NOT tax-deductible.
  3. Contributions to candidates are based on their position on issues affecting the industry, committee assignments, leadership positions and relationships with ALTA members and staff.

TIPAC Candidate Contribution Criteria

TIPAC supports candidates and office holders for the United States Senate & United States House of Representatives whose expressed philosophy or records are consistent with the objectives of the American Land Title Association. Support is provided without regard to party affiliation. TIPAC evaluates contribution requests based on the following criteria:


TIPAC Disbursements

2023 TIPAC Disbursements

Primary Considerations
  • Candidates' position and/or voting records on key issues important to the title industry;
  • Candidates' committee assignments and leadership positions;
  • Candidates' likelihood of winning in a given election.
  • A candidate until he/she has filed the appropriate paperwork to get on the ballot;
  • Presidential primary or general election campaigns;
  • Opposing candidates for the same seat;
  • Contributions that can be perceived as being tied directly to a specific vote or party affiliation.
Additional Considerations
  • Candidates who are or have been in the title industry;
  • Candidates who have a personal connection to ALTA leadership and/or staff;
  • PAC member recommendations of candidates who reflect the ideals of ALTA;
  • TIPAC does not typically support challengers over incumbents except in cases where one or more of the above criteria is met or if an incumbent regularly supports issues inconsistent with ALTA positions.

If you would like TIPAC to consider making a contribution to a candidate for the United States Senate or United States House of Representatives, please email your request to Leah Shimp Vass at lshimpvass@alta.org. Your email must answer the following questions:

  • What is the candidate's name, state, party & office sought?
  • Has the candidate ever been in the title industry? If so, please describe.
  • Do you have a personal relationship to the candidate? Ex: Friend, neighbor, owns a rival title company, etc. If so, please describe.
  • What is the requested contribution amount?
  • Is there a fundraising event you would like to attend? If so, please attach a copy of the invitation.
  • Have you contributed personally to this candidate?
  • Are you a TIPAC contributor?