Who is ALTA?


The mission of ALTA is to improve the skills and knowledge of providers in the real property transaction, effectively advocate member concerns, and standardize products for industry use.


ALTA will serve all providers supporting the real property transaction, focus on their common issues, and prepare them to be successful in a changing marketplace.

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History of ALTA

Founded in 1907 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., ALTA is the national trade association and voice of more than 6,000 title insurance agents, abstracters* and underwriters are Active Members, ranging from small, one-county operations, to large national title insurers in the united states. ALTA is represented by an Active ALTA Member in every county in the United States.

ALTA members search, review and insure land titles to protect homebuyers and mortgage lenders who invest in real estate.

ALTA releases an Annual Report in December detailing the work of the association in the previous year. ALTA also releases a separate Policy Forms Year in review detailing the work of the Forms Committee and changes to Policy Forms files.

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What is Title Insurance?

The title insurance industry has protected the property rights of homeownership for more than 125 years. There are two different types of title insurance policies:

  • An owner's policy is purchased by you, the homebuyer. While it is your choice, purchasing an owner's title insurance policy is the best way to protect your property rights, as well as your trustees, inheritors, and beneficiaries.
  • A lender's policy is usually paid for by the homebuyer or the seller. It is almost always required by the lender and protects only the lender's interest.

ALTA members advocate for the safe and efficient transfer of real estate land title records. Through the highest standards and core values, the industry seeks to eliminate risk before insuring, which provides the best possible chance of avoiding land title problems.

Consumers can learn more about how title insurance protects property rights and find an ALTA member to help with the closing process and title insurance needs at homeclosing101.org.

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ALTA Board of Governance & Leadership

The American Land Title Association's Board of Governors consists of eleven members: the President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Chair of the Finance Committee, Immediate Past President, Chair of each Section, and two members from each Section executive committee.

The ALTA Board of Governors are responsible for creating association policy, managing the financial health of the association, overseeing the work of 33 committees, and ensuring the overall welfare of the association.

ALTA's Board uses the objects and purposes as written in the ALTA ByLaws as a guiding principle. The objects and purpose of the American Land Title Association are as follows:

  • To promote the safe and efficient transfer of ownership of, and interest in, real property within the free enterprise system.
  • To provide information and education to its members; to those who regulate, supervise, or enact legislation affecting the land title industry; to consumers; and to affiliated state, district, territorial, provincial, regional, and international associations.
  • To maintain liaison with users of the products and services provided by its members and with government.
  • To maintain professional standards and ethics.
  • To provide assistance to affiliated associations.

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Media & Press Contact

The ALTA Communications Department is available to assist with your inquiries.
Please contact communications@alta.org or call ALTA toll-free at 1-800-787-2582.