Settlor Launches Enhanced Security Features for Customer Portal

May 16, 2024

Settlor released new security features for its customer portal to further safeguard customer data and prevent wire fraud.

“While our customer portal always boasted advanced security features, we are excited to announce even more robust safety offerings to help keep customer information secure and provide users and their customers with some peace of mind,” said John E. Freyer Jr., co-founder and president of Settlor. 

In addition to multifactor authentication via both email and phone, Settlor offers the ability to add wire instruction delivery details, providing safe access to view this sensitive information. Further, the document scanning protection technology already embedded in Settlor’s production applications is now available to users of Settlor’s portal.

“We know the communication of wire instructions represents the greatest source of anxiety and threat of wire fraud for our customers and their consumers,” Freyer said. “We developed Settlor’s portal and its security features with the intent of creating a simple, safe and efficient process for both users and consumers to share and access wire instructions. Settlor users can now confidently direct their customers and consumers to only trust wire instructions received through the Portal.”

With wire instructions woven into the overall safety functionality of the portal, customers can configure their portal so that wire instructions can be displayed, or not, based on the order type. If wire instructions are displayed, Settlor will automatically display the wire instructions for the bank account associated with a specific order, the company said in a release.

Other safety features of the portal include restricting who can access certain types of order information, specifically the ability to control displaying information that is valid per that user on any given order.

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