Fidelity Launches New Platform to Enhance Closing Process

December 15, 2020

Fidelity National Financial unveiled a new technology platform designed to enhance the closing process for buying a home and refinancing a mortgage.

Called the inHere Experience Platform, Fidelity said the new product tracks the progress of a transaction, as well as the documents that need to be signed and notarized.

"The real estate industry is now at an inflection point," said Randy Quirk, CEO of Fidelity National Financial. "Evidence supports the fact that real estate professionals and consumers are ready to embrace change in the closing process, but there hasn't been a large enough coordinated effort to deliver on the customer's desire for change or to capitalize on the change itself. The inHere Experience Platform overcomes these hurdles and provides the necessary scale needed for real change to occur.”

The first component of inHere is a digital experience for buyers and sellers to begin their real estate transaction. This element guides consumers through the completion of the opening process. startSafe has already been used by over a million consumers since it was introduced.

The second major component is the inHere mobile app and portal. inHere is a mobile-first, transaction management solution designed for everyone involved in the home purchase, sale or refinance process. It gives real estate professionals and consumers access to track the progress of the transaction, as well as collaborate and securely communicate with local escrow and settlement professionals throughout the transaction.

"The inHere Experience Platform is built with a digital-first, mobile-first focus. Over the past few years, we have successfully migrated to cloud-based solutions and fully implemented digital connections to our key systems," said Jason Nadeau, chief digital officer for Fidelity. "What we have done that is unique is we have reimagined the process of managing and closing a real estate transaction within the nation's largest footprint of settlement service providers. By investing in a digital infrastructure instead of investing in outside ventures, we don't need to rely on new entities to drive change. Rather, we have spent the time to develop a technology platform that is easily deployed at scale and empowers our trusted staff to bring the digital inHere experience to millions of transactions quickly.”

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