Qualia Launches New Marketplace to Simplify Real Estate Closings

August 17, 2017

Qualia announced the launch of the Marketplace, an extension of its award-winning title settlement software. By integrating national and local vendors across the country with innovative technology into one online experience, Qualia users are able to simplify the procurement, management, payments, fulfillment and reconciliation of vendor transactions for services such title search, surveys, release tracking and notary.

Vendor payments have been arduous for title agents and real estate attorneys due to their inability to integrate orders with payments. Qualia said the launch of the Marketplace solves this by providing an easy way for title agents to manage bulk payments, offer instant transfers, simplify record keeping and eliminate accounting fees associated with instant audits and end-of-month balancing horrors.

In addition, Qualia’s Marketplace provides:

  • A selection of services and vendors in one place
  • Visibility and transparency into vendor performance to optimize efficiency
  • Fulfillment and accounting automation that eliminates manual mistakes and time-consuming tasks
  •  Transparency and audit trails that provide access to all of your data should a question or potential lawsuit arise
  • SOC 2 security accreditation that demonstrates established cybersecurity processes and practices and provides a competitive advantage for title professionals

“Stakeholders in real estate closings are in a constant struggle to comply with the highly regulated lending environment, stay on a rigid timeline and lower operational costs,” said Nate Baker, CEO of Qualia. “The core of our real estate title and closing platform is changing how the industry is doing business but that doesn’t stop us from developing new and innovative ways to reduce unnecessary work and increase value in the real estate title business.”

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