Eight Free Ways to Use HOP

May 31, 2017

ALTA's Homebuyer Outreach Program (HOP) makes it easy for members to communicate the benefits of owner’s title insurance with homebuyers, real estate agents and others. Here are several free examples of how you can use HOP material to educate others and market your business. 

  1. Facebook Page
    1. Use the print ads for images on Facebook posts
    2. Split up the blog posts for weekly title tips
    3. Use pre-drafted Facebook posts
  2. Twitter Page
    1. Use pre-drafted tweets
    2. Use marketing one-pagers to pull out tweetable lines
    3. Use “10 Steps to Owning Your Home” checklist for weekly tweet topics
  3. Email Signature
    1. Link to homeclosing101
    2. Use images from print ads to draw attention, like our Force Field ad
    3. Encourage employees to change this out monthly to draw attention
  4. Realtor Tools     
    1. Use pre-drafted Realtor tools at www.alta.org/realtor
    2. Use our rack cards and presentations specifically for Realtors to explain owner’s title insurance
    3. Use ALTA training Power Point to train Realtor clients
  5. Presentations
    1. Use our “New Chapter for the Title Industry” to train staff and industry on importance of homebuyer outreach.
    2. Use our “10 Steps to Owning Your Home” at first-time homebuyer seminars
    3. Use our “7 Reasons Every Homebuyer Needs Title Insurance” to give to Realtors to explain the benefits of an owner’s policy.
  6. Voicemail or Hold Music Message
    1. Use one-liners from marketing one pagers to add lines about the benefits of an owner’s policy to your hold-music or voicemails
    2. You can also pull lines from the blogs and rack cards
    3. Change this out once a quarter
  7. Homebuyer Letter/Email
    1. Use the Homebuyer Letter as an email to make first contact with homebuyers when you receive an order
    2. Provide the letter with your contact information for Realtors to provide with prospective homebuyers.
    3. Change up the letter to appeal to for-sale-by-owner clients to use in your market
  8. Use ALTAprints.com to Customize and Print
    1. Use your ALTA ID & password to access all of the printable materials in the Homebuyer Guide
    2. This includes posters for your office, training events and homebuyer seminars
    3. You can customize the materials and download a digital copy to print locally, or you can print directly from the website using ALTA pre-contracted prices exclusively for ALTA members.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.