PRIA Approves New Work Group to Identify Best Practices for Land Records Management Systems

November 13, 2014

The Property Records Industry Association Board of Directors has approved a new work project for the Business Requirements Work Group, under the auspices of the Technology Committee.

This project will identify industry best practices for Land Records Management Systems (LRMS), in both the paper and electronic worlds.  The resulting best practices will provide government sector users of LRMS products the ability to define requirements and expectations, and to measure the resulting performance. For business sector providers, the document will assist in the development and evaluation of their LRMS products.

Volunteers are being recruited to work on this new project.  In keeping with PRIA practices, both government and business sector members are needed to assemble a well-rounded working group. Work groups generally meet twice each month for one hour and again at the two annual conferences.  Attendance at the two annual conferences is beneficial but not required.

If interested in participating, contact the Business Requirements Work Group co-chairs Larry Burtness, Washoe County, Nev., or Karl Trottnow of First American Title Insurance Co.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or