Ohio’s Warren County Court of Common Pleas Selects Pioneer Technology Group’s Online Case Management System

October 7, 2014

Warren County in Ohio recently selected Pioneer Technology Group’s Benchmark Court Management System, which provides courts paperless access to all case information, documents and images. The system helps increase efficiency, eliminate duplicate costs and resolve the issues created when multiple court systems fail to work properly with one another, the company said in a release.

“We cast a wide net and received proposals from various Case Management System providers from all over the country,” said James Spaeth, clerk of courts for Warren County. “After a detailed review, the Judges and Clerk of Courts office agreed Benchmark from Pioneer Technology Group was the clear choice."

Warren County becomes the fifth county in Ohio to convert to a Pioneer system. The company now operates in 15 states.

“We’re very excited to have Warren County among the growing number of courts upgrading to Benchmark,” said Steve Rumsey, president of Pioneer Technology Group. "Courts are recognizing the benefits of upgrading to a single system with the latest available technology. As more County and Municipal courts conduct their due diligence and compare us directly with our competitors, Benchmark continues to be selected as the system of choice by courts throughout the Country."

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