Mississippi Becomes 43rd State to Offer e-Recording with Simplifile

April 3, 2014

Mississippi has become the 43rd U.S. state to open its doors to electronic document recording (e-recording) with Simplifile, making the service available in Harrison County’s First and Second Judicial Districts.

“After serving on the Mississippi Electronic Recording Commission in 2012 that adopted rules and standards for e-recording of land records, I knew it would be something that would make the recording process easier and faster for our customers,” said Chancery Clerk John McAdams of Harrison County’s First and Second Judicial Districts. “Attorneys and title companies can record without even leaving their office. They get the documents back more quickly as they no longer have to wait for the documents to come back in the mail.”

Increased document security and fewer rejected documents also come as a result of e-recording, as customers are able to more securely and accurately record their documents online with the clerk’s office using Simplifile’s service.

“It has been our goal to not only provide the most current recording technology, but also to have less paper recording, and Simplifile has helped us achieve that,” McAdams added. “We encourage customers to do as much electronic filing as possible.”

Harrison County’s Judicial Districts join more than 1,050 counties and recording jurisdictions that have also adopted Simplifile’s e-recording service.

“We congratulate Harrison County on this achievement and for setting the standard in the state of Mississippi. We are excited for more customers in our southern states to take advantage of the cost-saving and time-saving benefits that come with e-recording,” said Paul Clifford, president of Simplifile.

The fourth pillar of ALTA’s ”Title Insurance and Settlement Company Best Practices” addresses recording procedures to ensure compliance with the settlement process. Implementing a tracking mechanism is helpful in providing a record of what documents were sent, when they were sent and method of delivery. The use of e-recording can aid in the implementation and documentation of procedures. The Best Practices Framework includes a set of Assessment Procedures that can be used by title professionals to help lenders decide if a service provider meets different pillars of the Best Practices. A Certification Package also is available and can be used by title professionals to warrant and attest to lenders that they have implemented ALTA’s Best Practices.

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