SoftPro Enhances Platform with Two Productivity Tools

June 5, 2012

SoftPro has integrated a free appointment scheduler and free support ticket assistant to the SoftPro 360 business exchange platform. SoftPro 360 provides a bridge between agents using ProForm, SoftPro’s premier closing and title software, and a wide range of vendors that provide title, escrow and closing services. The new appointment scheduler and support ticket assistant add more time-savings and overall efficiency to the SoftPro 360 platform.

“These two tools will help eliminate countless phone calls and emails as well as paper order forms, faxes, dual entry and errors,” said Joyce Weiland, president of SoftPro. “It’s the next generation of convenience for our customers.”

With the SoftPro Appointment Scheduler, SoftPro users can create and view a master schedule of all appointments for each ProForm order and have details such as time, date, and people attending automatically populate their MicrosoftTM Outlook calendars. They can also schedule events in Outlook that will automatically sync to any corresponding ProForm order.

“SoftPro users now have a global view of events, locations and participants, without having to toggle back and forth between Outlook and ProForm,” noted Weiland. “It saves an enormous amount of time.”

With the SoftPro Support Ticket Assistant, customers cancontact SoftPro’s award-winning support department directly from ProForm via SoftPro 360, and receive updates on the status of their ticket in SoftPro 360, without disrupting their workflow. This service is free to ProForm customers who subscribe to SoftPro’s Annual Maintenance Service.

“Our support staff includes both real estate and IT experts,” said Weiland, noting that the average callback time for most requests is currently under 30 minutes and a quarter of all calls are returned in five minutes or less. “Regardless of the type of problem, our goal is to help customers get back to work as quickly as possible.”

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