ALTA strives to help members identify the benefits and risks associated with digital closings in order to put the industry in the best position to solve problems and inspire innovative ideas. ALTA is your source for tools and education about various aspects of digital closing and provide information about the availability of technological advances such as remote online rotary (RON).

An Introduction to Digital Closings for Consumers

Thanks to innovations by the title and settlement services industry, consumers can close on their dream home from the comfort of their couch in most cases. This video is meant as a baseline introduction to digital closings.


Federal Legislation

The Securing and Enabling Commerce Using Remote and Electronic Notarization Act of 2023 (SECURE Notarization Act) would permit immediate nationwide use of remote online notary (RON) with minimum standards and provide certainty for the interstate recognition of RON.

Resources for Finding RON Vendors

State Laws Authorizing Remote e-Notarization

Emergency orders and guidance issued by states on RON do not necessarily conform with the ALTA-MBA model or RULONA standards for consumer protections and anti-fraud safeguards. The powers of entities to issue such orders should to be reviewed on a state-by-state basis. Prior to relying on any emergency order or guidance, you should contact your underwriter. 48 states and the District of Columbia have either passed a RON law or issued an executive order pertaining to remotely notarizing documents, some have done both.

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Green indicates when RON laws were passed with darker green more recently. Click on each state for links to Laws and Regulations. Click "x" to close.

Digital Closing Articles

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First Class Signing Launches RON Solution
November 18, 2021

First Class Signing Service announced it has launched a new MISMO-approved remote online notarization (RON) service to serve digital closings nationally and internationally.

New: BOGO Your Way to Boot Camp!
November 2, 2021

Go digital with the ALTA, MBA & MISMO Digital Closing & eMortgage Boot Camps! Right now, you can take advantage of our BOGO offer and bring a colleague or friend for free when you register. You have two chances to attend for your ultimate convenience.

The Mortgage Industry’s Field of Dreams
National Mortgage News  |  November 1, 2021

As state legislators continue to embrace RON and federal legislators push for it, the lingering question of the borrower remains. If lenders build RON technology into their stack, will borrowers come? Data suggests that the answer is yes, borrowers will come walking out of the cornfields for RON.

 New RULONA Amendment Gives More Flexibility
September 21, 2021

It’s not news to anyone in the title industry that there has been an explosion of interest in remote online notarization (RON) since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The past year also saw growing interest in paper alternatives to the RON experience. Read on to learn how the new RULONA amendment provides more flexibility as well as the three ways to perform a paper remote online notarization.

Digital Mortgage Closings Could be Legal in all 50 States by 2022, Expert Predicts
FOX Business  |  September 17, 2021

Some experts believe that eClosings could be legalized across all 50 states by 2022, as that process and remote online notarizations (RON) gain more traction. "There continues to be broad, bipartisan support in Congress for the SECURE Notarization Act, and we continue to educate policymakers, alongside a broad coalition of partners, about the importance of expanding access to remote online notarization nationwide with strong standards for its use by all consumers," said Chris Morton, American Land Title Association senior vice president of public affairs.

Mortgage E-closings Making Refinancing Easier Than Ever
FOX Business  |  August 13, 2021

The need to stay socially distant amid the coronavirus pandemic resulted in the increased emergence of digital mortgage closings. In fact, a new bill was recently introduced in Congress that would legalize RON in all 50 states. Diane Tomb, CEO of the American Land Title Association, said that by passing the SECURE Notarization Act, "we can take a much-needed step into the future by modernizing the notarization process with a secure system that has proven to meet consumer needs and expectations."

Consumers Call Remote Online Notarization Process Safe, Secure
August 5, 2021

According to a survey issued by ALTA member company Champion Title, 97% of consumers who closed on transactions in Virginia using RON said the process was safe and secure. Additionally, 95% said they would recommend the RON process to others. Read on.

RON Legislation Passed in Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon
HousingWire  |  August 2, 2021

The use of remote online notarization is now permitted in Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon, bringing the number of states with RON legislation up to 37. Legislation is also pending in New York and New Hampshire, according to the American Land Title Association.

37 States Now Have RON Legislation
July 29, 2021

Illinois, New Jersey and Oregon became the latest states to pass remote online notarization legislation. There are now 37 states that allow this type of digital closing. Legislation in New York and New Hampshire is pending, while awaiting the signature of each state’s governor.

ALTA Encourages Secretaries of State to Support SECURE Notarization Act
July 1, 2021

In a joint letter, ALTA and the Mortgage Bankers Association encouraged the National Association of Secretaries of State to support the bipartisan Securing and Enabling Commerce Using Remote and Electronic Notarization Act, which has been reintroduced in the House and Senate.

Freddie Mac Issues RIN Guidance With Multi-factor Authentication Requirement
June 8, 2021

Most of Freddie Mac’s remote ink-signed notarizations (RIN) guidance mirrors what Fannie Mae issued except for a requirement for multi-factor authentication. Freddie's multi-factor criteria follow the MBA-ALTA and RULONA model acts, as well as the MISMO standards, while Fannie's audio-visual standards say that either two forms of signed government-issued identification be provided or two-factor authentication be used.

Fannie Mae Issues Guidance Regarding Remote Ink-signed Notarizations
June 3, 2021

Fannie Mae updated its Selling Guide announcing specific requirements for remote ink-signed notarizations (RIN) for loans issued on or after July 1. Fannie Mae added specific minimum standard audio-visual requirements for RIN.

How Digital Technology Changed The Face Of The Mortgage Industry
Forbes  |  May 14, 2021

The rise of digital technology ushered in a new era for the mortgage application process as borrowers took advantage of historically low interest rates and lenders embraced digital mortgages more than ever before. A new survey on borrowing and lending by ICE Mortgage Technology finds that the pandemic has permanently changed the way consumers utilize technology, and those looking to buy or refinance a home are seeking lenders who offer online tools to complete their mortgage loans from home.

10 Companies Now MISMO RON-Certified
April 20, 2021

Black Knight and Stavvy join eNotaryLog, Hercules Holding, Nexsys, Notarize, NotaryCam, Pavaso, Signix and Snapdocs to successfully complete the MISMO Remote Online Notarization (RON) certification.

Kansas Joins Growing List of States With RON Legislation
April 15, 2021

Kansas joined 31 other states passing legislation that authorizes the use of remote online notarization (RON).

Notarize Secures $130M in Funding to Fuel Growth of Digital Transaction
March 30, 2021

Through its role in giving consumers and businesses options to complete these transactions online, reported 800% year-over-year growth in volume in its real estate sector.