Stewart to consolidate customer-service software on PhaseWare platform

May 8, 2007

HOUSTON – Stewart Transaction Solutions, which handles enterprise-level technical support needs of Stewart’s technology product lines through the Stewart Customer Care Center, is consolidating its customer-service software platform on PhaseWare.

“We have utilized PhaseWare on a regional basis, seeing a number of operational improvements in our regional support centers as each has migrated to this platform,” said Patrick L. Vaden, chief executive officer, Stewart Transaction Solutions and PropertyInfo Corp.

Stewart Transaction Solutions and PropertyInfo Corp. are wholly owned subsidiaries of Stewart Information Services Corp. (NYSE-STC).

“Beginning with our Mid-America region in July 2006 and adding our Mountain States and Northwest regions as well as our PropertyInfo Corp. subsidiary, we have seen the benefits of this solution increase synergistically as more regions have been added,” said Vaden. “Utilizing this platform as an enterprise-level solution is the next best step.”

July 1 is the projected date for the PhaseWare roll-out for the Stewart enterprise.

“PhaseWare offers a number of features supporting incident management, SLA management and ease of escalation,” said Michael Steelman, senior vice president, support and integration services, First Data Systems.

First Data Solutions is a Stewart subsidiary acting as a regional support center for Stewart’s Mid-America, Mountain States and Northwest regions.

“Specifically, I see a cooperation between the support centers where they can use this common platform to gather information from a shared knowledge base and even cover help-desk calls for each other when one center has a company meeting or an office emergency,” added Steelman.

“With the addition of PhaseWare, Stewart will be offering more support features to its customers,” he continued. “Customers will be able to connect to the system via a Web interface to key-in new issues, search the knowledge base or update existing tickets. Now, instead of just monitoring first-call resolutions, we will be able to provide zero-call resolution options to our customers.”

“We’re thrilled and honored to be working with Stewart,” said Randall Nelson, chief executive officer and co-founder, PhaseWare. “I have been very impressed with Stewart’s commitment to customer service and the processes they have put in place. Working with someone of their caliber has allowed us to hone our offerings to provide ever more enhanced features. Stewart helps us achieve our goal of continuous improvement.”

Source: Stewart Information Services Corp.

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