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Title Insurance Law Journal Information

The Title Insurance Law Journal (“The Journal”), formerly known as the Title Insurance Law Newsletter (TILN), is the leading source of information about the current law affecting the land title industry nationwide. Since 1992, author J. Bushnell Nielsen has provided an insightful and practical analysis on the most important court decisions and developments related to title insurance.

The Title Insurance Law Journal now includes an extensive searchable library of content from The Journal going back to 2013 - allowing you to search and find the exact title law content that you need.

Curated especially for title agents, approved attorneys, underwriters, claim administrators and attorneys who practice in title insurance defense work or conveyancing disputes, this monthly e-journal reports on cases addressing:

  • title insurance coverage
  • class actions and regulatory enforcement
  • escrow and closing duties
  • agent/underwriter disputes
  • conveyancing law
  • RESPA compliance and violations

The Title and Escrow Claims Guide and The Journal complement each other and are the best research materials for United States land title professionals and counsel.

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Title Insurance Law Journal Issues

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Title Insurance

  • Policy Does Not Insure Ability to Later Divide and Build on Insured Parcels: Kiritsis v. Stewart Title Guar. Co.
  • Street Address Does Not Cause Policy to Insure Lien on Parcel Not Mortgaged: Deutsche Bank Nat’l Trust Co. v. Stewart Title Ins. Co.
  • Federal Judge Lines Up With Nevada Supreme Court in Homeowner Assessment Case: HSBC Bank USA N.A. v. Chicago Title Ins. Co.

Agent Focus

  • Court in Agency Employment Case Applies New Federal Rule to Strike Expert Testimony: Cleaver v. Transnation Title & Escrow, Inc.
  • Court Dismisses Title Agent Suit Against FedEx For Promised Discount: Metropolitan Title Agency, Inc. v. Federal Express Corp.

Escrow Matters

  • Claims Survive Against Trustee on Deed of Trust: Carpenter v. Fawcett
  • Cyberattack Warrants Extension of Closing Date Set By Court Order: In re Strudel Holdings LLC
  • No TILA Rescission on Purchase Loan and No Claims Against Closer: Cabrera v. Nazor
  • Agent Gets Judgment Against Guarantor for Loan Paid Off to Protect Insured: Parsa v. Weststar Title, LLC
  • Hawaii Refuses to Dismiss Claims Against Escrow Company Brought By Lender To Be Paid from Escrow: Wolf v. Heis
  • Escrowee Owes No Duty to Person Claiming Sale Proceeds: Lyons v. Birmingham Law Office, LLC

Title Insurance and Escrow

  • Insurer-Escrowee Not Liable For Second Parcel Buyers Thought They Would Receive: Christensen v. First American Title Co.

Title Insurance

  • Insurer Gets Judgment Against Borrower on Note, But Not for Indemnification: Chicago Title Ins. Co. v. Valembrun
  • Court Dismisses Insurer’s Parent Company From Coverage Lawsuit: S. Bank, N.A. v. Fidelity National Title Group, Inc.
  • Forgery Claim Barred by Statute of Limitations: D’Angelo v. JP Morgan Chase Bank
  • Very Tardy Disclosure of Expert Reports Okay Because They Are Important: Holman-Farrar Holdings, LLC v. Old Republic Nat’l Title Ins. Co.

Agent Focus

  • Competing Owner Cannot Sue Title Agent For Agreeing to Insure Title: Crehan v. McGuire

Escrow Matters

  • Covid Rule Overturns Default Judgment Against Escrowee But Court Does Not Make Judgment Creditor Return Garnished Money: Big Bell 21, LLC v. Title Alliance Elite Agency, LLC
  • Wire Fraud Victim Keeps Claims About Sending Bank’s Post-Wire Conduct: Pirata P.S.C. v. Bank of America
  • Filing of Lawsuit Discussed in Escrow Agreement Was Not a Condition to Release of the Money: 1754 Weeks Ave LLC v. Brewster

Conveyance News

  • Survey and Title Insurance Policy Impart Inquiry Notice of Unrecorded Easement: JMMJ Development, LLC v. Town of Greenport

Title Insurance

  • Title Insurance Commitment Makes Title Unmarketable as a Matter of Law: JhLandfall Trust LLC v. Fidelity Nat’l Title Ins. Co.
  • Insurer Has Duty to Defend Lender Insured in Suit Accusing it of Conspiring with Fraudster: Sharestates Investments, LLC v. WFG Nat’l Title Ins. Co.

Conveyance News

  • Hard Money Lender Not Held to Lower Standard in Establishing Bona Fide Encumbrancer Status: Cathay Bank v. Bonilla


  • Hard Money Lender Not Held to Lower Standard in Establishing Bona Fide Encumbrancer Status: Bezek v. First Nat’l Bank of Pennsylvania

Escrow Matters

  • Presumption From Acknowledgment That Signatures Are Genuine Is Overcome by Facts: Prakelt v. Reform Physicians
  • Unit Owners Have Voice in Enforcing Condominium Lien Release Agreement: Fidelity Nat’l Title Ins. Co. v. Arcon Tenant Improvement Contractors
  • Replacement Mortgage Doctrine Used to Prevent Junior Lienor’s Windfall: Capital Bank, N.A. v. Cornerstone Capital, LLC
  • Escrow Suit Fails Because Escrowee Performed Its Instructions: McGraw v. Kim  
  • Bank’s Lawyer Not Liable to Borrower under TILA For Issuing Inflated Payoff Letter: Formica v. Parke Bancorp, Inc.
  • Ironclad Release Shuts Down Escrow Lawsuit: 1125 Morris Avenue Realty LLC, v. Title Issues Agency LLC

Title Insurance

  • Insureds Agreed To Take Title Subject to Expense of Completing House, Negating Coverage for Recorded Violation Notice: Jha v. Chicago Title Ins. Co.
  • No First Party Bad Faith Against Title Insurer in Maryland, But Common Law Claim Survives For Now: Fidelity Nat’l Title Ins. Co. v. Perkins
  • Encroaching Fence Does Not Invoke Homeowner’s Coverage for Someone’s Right to Limit the Use of the Land: Braud v. First American Title Ins. Co.

Agent Focus

  • Insurer Says North Carolina Agent Breached Contract by Giving Closings to Attorney Not on Approved List: First Nat’l Title Ins. Co. v. Buccaneer Title, LLC

Escrow Matters

  • Forum for Wire Transfer Fraud Action Not Set by Loan Agreement: Astone v. Global Mortgage Group, LLC
  • Escrowed Money Is In Trust and May Not Be Garnished: Philips North America, LLC v. KPI Healthcare, Inc.
  • Deal Broker May Sue Escrowee For False Statements Although He Was Not a Party to the Escrow: Cadu Medical, LLC v. James Worldwide, Inc
  • Escrow Mishandling Becomes Claim of Aiding and Abetting Securities Fraud: Securities and Exchange Commission v. Aaron-Cain McKnight