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2020 Annual Accountants Committee
Join the Title Industry Accountants virtually on December 3 for excellent education and networking opportunities.
December 03, 2020
     ALTA Member $25.00
     Non-Member $50.00
Title 201
LTI Online Course: Title 201 offers advanced instruction on Easements, Water Rights, Reinsurance, and more.
     Member $199.00
     Non-Member $299.00
Escrow Accounting Procedures
LTI Online Course: Escrow Accounting Procedures teaches a model system of managerial practices designed to minimize your risk in handling escrow funds.
     Member $150.00
     Non-Member $225.00
Ethics in the Title Industry
LTI Online Course: Ethics in the Title Industry self-study course designed to address title-related ethical issues.
     Member $150.00
     Non-Member $225.00
Title 101 - Updated Version
RECENTLY UPDATED! Title 101 offers instruction on basic principles of the land title insurance industry including Searching, Abstracting, Land Descriptions, Underwriting, Policy Forms, Closing and Escrow, Industry Regulations, and more.
     ALTA Member $199.00
     Non-Member $299.00
Nuts and Bolts of the Land Title Industry
Designed as part of employee onboarding training. These short videos will help new employees quickly understand the landscape of the industry.
     ALTA Member $0.00
     Non-Member $75.00
Understanding Commercial Transactions
This course will equip the student with the concepts involved in commercial transactions, which tend to be more complex than residential transactions, while expanding the knowledge base of those currently working in the commercial space.
     ALTA Member $249.00
     Nonmember $349.00