ACTION ALERT: Find out if your Federal Representative signed the RESPA Dear Colleague Letter

March 31, 2004

Recently, ALTA members contacted their Representative(s) and asked them to sign Representative Judy Biggert's (R-IL) and Representative Hinojosa's (D-TX) RESPA Dear Colleague Letter. Members of the U.S. House of Representatives responded and spoke out against HUD's proposed RESPA rule by signing the Dear Colleague Letter. [pdf] The letter urges the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to send the proposed RESPA Rule back to HUD without approval.

The letter was a success with the signatures of 226 Representatives collected and will be presented to the OMB. Thank you for placing those calls and informing ALTA on your results. Your efforts are appreciated and your voice was heard. If your Representative signed please be sure and follow up with a thank you. If not, use this as an opportunity to further educate your Representative about the title industry.

For assistance, call Jim Maher, Executive Vice President; Ann vom Eigen, Legislative & Regulatory Counsel or Charlene Nieman, Grassroots & PAC Manager at 1-800-787-ALTA.