Stewart Integrates With LodeStar

October 4, 2022

LodeStar Software Solutions unveiled an integration with Stewart that expedites access of title and settlement fees.

The new integration allows users of LodeStar’s closing fee calculator to access the title and settlement fees of any Stewart-related company, including those of independent title agencies issuing Stewart policies. In so doing, users can streamline and accelerate cost estimates and documents mandated by the TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID).

“This integration makes accurate fees available instantly from a sizable population of the title agent community,” said Jim Paolino, CEO of LodeStar. “As a result, we’re bringing greater clarity to the process for consumers and professionals alike, and empowering loan officers and lenders to redirect their human resources away from manual tasks like researching closing fees and toward more complex functions like marketing, sales and customer service.”

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