Play Mini Golf for Good Deeds!

September 16, 2022

You’re Invited to a Good Deeds Event at ALTA ONE

Calling all (mini) golf champs: The ALTA Good Deeds Foundation presents Mini Masters of the Green! Featured sponsor Westcor will help the Foundation kick off the most exciting mini golf tourney on the West Coast. See your name in lights on the leaderboard, sponsored by Stewart, or keep your score to yourself (you know who you are) on our specialty scorecards, sponsored by Fidelity. Golf just not tickling your fancy? Then belly up to the cocktail bar or grab a snack (or three—we won’t judge you). Join us during ALTA ONE on Tuesday, Oct. 11 from 8-10 p.m. for a night of eagles, bogeys and probably a few dribblers!

Tickets are $75 at the door on the Windsor Lawn at Hotel del Coronado; proceeds go to the ALTA Good Deeds Foundation.

If you want to see where your donations end up, be sure to join us at the ALTA ONE Omni Session on Wednesday, Oct. 12 and watch us award the Fall 2022 grants! This year, ALTA ONE: New Horizons can give you the courage to lose sight of the shore and swim for new horizons. Change can bring disruption, but it also can unveil a new dawn and fresh possibilities. ALTA ONE will shine a light on the new horizons that abound for you to discover. 

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Please contact Claire Mitchell for more information on sponsorship opportunities at this event.


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