Ubitquity Unveils Solution to Facilitate Deals Involving Cryptocurrency

January 26, 2022

Ubitquity LLC launched a new solution to facilitate residential and commercial real estate deals involving the use of cryptocurrency.

Features of UbitquityPay include blockchain explorer preview of funds, collection and eisbursement of funds, escrow theft mitigation, no chargeback/clawbacks of funds, next-day settlements, supports dozens of cryptocurrencies and trusted custodial wallets.

“UbitquityPay is the global solution for crypto payments plus real estate transactions. The launch of UbitquityPay.com will act as an initial online portal for those buyers, title companies, underwriters and banks,” said Nathan Wosnack, founder and CEO of Ubitquity. “We have been working for a number of years to get to this exciting point at our company. UbitquityPay will definitely revolutionize the global real estate industry.”

According to Ubitquity, the solution will allow title and escrow professionals to disburse funds to all counterparties to a real estate transaction securely, instantly, and in an immutable fashion with complete transparency.

Ubitquity reported it has a network of crypto banks and approved title insurance underwriters. Its custodial wallets comply with KYC/AML requirements to ensure cryptocurrency funds are verified and traceable within each transaction.

UbitquityPay has several partners, including Washington State-based Rainier Title and HEIGHTZERO Real Estate and Consulting.

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