Real Data Consulting Unveils Business Texting Product

August 13, 2020

Real Data Consulting has launched a new text messaging service for businesses and professionals to help them communicate with customers.

MessageLeap integrates SMS text messaging with existing business phone number and email applications. Unlike other business texting providers, the messaging service is not an app. The solution works with existing email applications, easing adoption.   

Busy consumers make and answer fewer calls every year, and new and existing clients are more likely to read and respond to a professional text than an email, Real Data Consulting said in a release. Text messaging is the key to connecting businesses to their customers.

 “We are excited to bring MessageLeap, our professional texting service, to businesses of any size,” said Pete Bishop, founder of Real Data Consulting. “Our clients leverage the power of their business phone number to communicate in a more modern way. Consumers and businesses are using an ever-increasing number of apps and portals.  MessageLeap is a service that requires no additional login, and no additional download.  Your employees already use email, and your customers already text from their phone. We handle the rest.”

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or

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