SoftPro Integrates with Black Knight for Municipal Lien Searches

November 21, 2019

SoftPro recently integrated with Black Knight’s Municipal Lien Search software, which identifies unrecorded liens on properties across the United States.

“SoftPro is excited to offer this new integration with Black Knight to make ordering municipal lien searches more efficient for our customers,” said Patrick Hempen, SoftPro chief customer officer. “In addition to the time saved by ordering their searches directly through SoftPro, the integration also improves accuracy without the added step of rekeying data.”

The importance of uncovering hidden unrecorded liens is an essential service that SoftPro customers can now order without leaving their SoftPro environment. The integration eliminates the need for time-consuming phone calls and emails, and improves accuracy through the shared data points, SoftPro said in a release. The integration with Black Knight’s Municipal Lien Searches reduces risk and unforeseen costs to borrower by quickly identifying unrecorded liens, county debts, code enforcement violations, waste, water and sewer balances, special assessments, building violations, as well as open and expired permits.

“We’re glad that SoftPro users can now easily find hidden unrecorded liens via our Municipal Lien Search,” said Lisa Roessler, vice president and title strategy for Black Knight. “By reducing manual input and allowing the user to stay in the SoftPro application the entire time, the integration not only reduces risk, but also delivers even greater efficiencies to title companies.”

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