What’s Your Exit Strategy?

April 30, 2019

Thinking about selling your title company? Here’s a checklist of items you’ll want to gather to help the process.

  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Five years of financials—profit and loss statements, balance sheet, tax returns
  • List of expenses that are discretionary (i.e.: spouse’s car, club dues, children on payroll)
  • List of current bank accounts, both escrow and operating
  • Current escrow account reconciliations
  • Audit reports from underwriter and from third parties, if any
  • Copies of insurance policies and declaration pages for current insurance.
  • Software
  • Equipment inventory
  • Office furniture inventory
  • Customer lists
    • Average number of orders per month/year
    • Average number of closings per month/year
    • Average premium charged
    • Cancellation rate
    • Residential %
    • Commercial %
    • Breakout of the above information for each of your top five customers
  • Detailed employee list
    • Name of employee
    • Duties of employee
    • Years of employment
    • Employment contract in place
    • Salary range
    • Licensee
    • Bonus/incentive
    • Vacation/sick time
  • List of contracts
    • Underwriter(s)
    • Equipment leases
    • Vehicle leases
    • Building leases
    • Search/plant access leases
    • Memberships—for example: country clubs, athletic clubs, etc.
    • Software maintenance agreements
    • Joint venture or affiliated agency agreements
  • Claims reports from underwriter

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