What’s Going on at ALTA SPRINGBOARD

March 19, 2019

More than 350 title professionals are set to take their businesses and careers to the next level at the 2019 ALTA SPRINGBOARD in Memphis, Tenn.

On March 20, the conference starts with the first of three Ideas Festivals, which are similar to Ted Talks. Ideas Festival speakers will inspire and challenge attendees to think about a current industry challenge or opportunity in new ways. The challenges presented are the biggest issues and/or opportunities facing the title insurance and settlement industry today.

Deborah Higgins of Title Resource Group LLC and chair of ALTA's Talent Committee will lead the discussion focused on finding and training staff during the first Ideas Festival titled “Surviving the Silver Tsunami.” With a good portion of the industry’s workforce set to retire within 10 years, this conversation will help attendees think about new ways to find and recruit talent.

During the March 20 afternoon Ideas Festival, Andi Bolin of Celebrity Title and Craig Haskins of Knight Barry Title will debate approaches to using metrics in their title operations. The debate will include conversations on the types of items to measure and whether tracking key performance indicators can improve efficiency.

Wrapping up the Ideas Festivals on March 21, ALTA President Elect Mary O'Donnell of Westcor Land Title Insurance Co. and Fannie Mae's Shane Hartzler will challenge attendees to think like their customers and critically analyze the demand for innovation in real estate settlements.

After each Ideas Festival, conversations break into Knowledge Communities, which are round-table problem solving discussions lead by a facilitator. The topics and discussions stem from the industry challenge presented in the correlating Ideas Festival. The highlights from each group are then shared with everyone during the Recap and Results.

In addition to the Ideas Festivals, a series of career advancement labs will be offered focusing on developing individual work skills.

Finally, to help with networking, attendees can Braindate—think of speed dating but for business. ALTA SPRINGBOARD attendees get exclusive access to the e180 braindate platform, which allows them to find others at the event who are interested in discussing similar topics. You can host a conversation or just set up meetings to talk one-on-one or in a group. The topics can be anything from discussing your digital marketing plan to talking about your corporate culture. It is a really unique way to meet new people and learn new tips and tricks. With braindating, attendees spend more time sharing and learning.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.

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