Visionet Unveils Tool to Automate Bulk Title Searches

March 19, 2019

Visionet Systems, Inc. launched a proprietary digitized title research and collation (D-TRAC) solution to automate bulk title search requirements.

D-TRAC enables us to access 2000+ counties digitally to perform searches and directs user to the right data source automatically, this expedites our turnaround time by minimum 30%. In fact, we have the fastest TAT for bulk searches in the industry”

“Visionet works with six of the top eight title companies for their title production,” said Alok Bansal, managing director at Visionet. “From our experience, we know that running bulk title searches in case of default, HELOC or investor scenarios can get error-prone, expensive and time consuming. With D-TRAC, we wanted to make things simple for our customers.”

For a limited time, Visionet is accepting five sample searches and will provide search results within one business day.

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