PropLogix Appoints Vice President of Product

August 21, 2018

PropLogix recently hired David Daley as the company’s first vice president of product.

Daley has over 20 years of industry experience. He previously served as vice president of sales and account management for NextAce. Before that, Daley spent more than 17 years with Realty Data Co., serving as executive vice president and overseeing sales, operations and technology.

“David is a perfect fit in this role because he’s passionate about technology and providing solutions and that’s exactly what we do here,” said PropLogix CEO, Jesse Biter. “We’re growing our product and service offerings like crazy and the experience and drive David brings will take us that much further.”

PropLogix offers seven services related to pre-and-post closing due diligence. Most recently the company launched tax certificates, which has quickly become their third-most popular service behind municipal lien searches and association research.

“I saw what Jesse and PropLogix were doing in terms of putting the customer first and emphasizing the development of new technology and I wanted to be part of it," Daley said. "The team has continuously demonstrated the ability to collaborate, create and deliver new solutions.”

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