PropLogix Now Offers Tax Certificates

June 5, 2018

PropLogix announced it now offers a tax certificate service that provides information on taxing authorities and jurisdictions. This includes assessment details and a summary of current tax year amounts owed, as well as exemptions.

This gives a buyer a complete picture and knows exactly what they’re walking into, according to PropLogix. In addition, the certificate discloses any delinquent taxes, penalties, interest, and any other known costs and expenses due to the collecting authorities.

“Other companies that perform this service will only offer partial information and are working from a database that isn’t always up-to-date,” said said Tim Healy, president of operations for PropLogix. “All of our research is done in real-time, so our clients are getting the most accurate information.

PropLogix reports its tax certificates are turned around in one business day in most states. The certificates are backed by the same guarantee as other PropLogix services.

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