ResWare Integrates with Alliant National for CPLs and Policy Jackets

January 23, 2018

Adeptive Software announced the integration of Alliant National Title Insurance Company’s policy jackets and closing protection letters (CPL) directly within ResWare. Alliant National agents can now generate policies and CPLs from the title production system for improved efficiency and accuracy.

“Automating steps, establishing smart workflows, and providing consistent data across systems are key for ResWare users. We’ve had Alliant CPLs available within ResWare for some time, and now Alliant policy jacket generation is available,” said Bryan Buus, president of Adeptive Software.

The software integration is the latest in a string of technology developments at Alliant National aimed at providing agents with intuitive user interfaces that streamline real estate transactions.

“We want to make our agents’ jobs easier, to bolster existing relationships and attracting new partnerships,” said Bryan Johnson, director of information technology at Alliant National. “Technology plays a crucial role.”

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