ATPR Integrates With Resware

June 7, 2016

ATPR Inc., a provider of technology-based solutions for the real estate and settlement services industry, announced an integration of its property search product SmartProp with Resware.

Alok Datta, president, ATPR noted that the integration would assist a large number of agencies. “The majority of title agents we are talking to are on the Resware platform,” he said. “With the SmartProp to Resware integration, they will now be able to derive significantly higher value as the whole ordering to delivery process will become seamless. Property reports, once delivered, will be available on the Resware platform instantly, enabling them to make quick decisions.  Redundant, manual and time-consuming conversions will be completely eliminated from the process.”

Timothy Moreland, SVP of U.S. sales and operations, added “Delivering accurate property reports is critical to every title agent. Moreover, the turnaround time demanded by most lenders creates enormous pressure on their operations. With the SmartProp to Resware integration, title agents will have access to faster turnaround times for accurate reports at reduced cost.” 

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