Data Trace Adds 17 Counties to Title Plant Databases

July 19, 2011

Data Trace Information Services LLC, a provider of data services to the settlement services industry, announced its addition of geographically indexed title plant databases representing 17 counties. The additional counties are located in Arkansas, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio and Wisconsin. These additions bring Data Trace’s current collection to 342 plants throughout the nation.

Data Trace gives real estate settlement services companies the ability to search for property and title-related information. The company continues to expand its data offerings by integrating geographically indexed title plants in the most populous counties to its database. Unlike traditional title plants in which properties are indexed only by owners’ names, Data Trace’s geographically indexed title plants post transactional data by parcel, eliminating the time-consuming searches of common names in densely populated counties. In addition to receiving valuable data associated with the chain of title on each property, users can also request supporting recorded documentation such as grant deeds, quitclaim deeds and trust deeds from Data Trace online.

“Our ability to offer services throughout the country continues to increase,” said Robert Karraa, president of Data Trace. “The rollout of title plants in these counties serves as further proof of our commitment to methodical geographic expansion.”

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