Company Introduces Virtual Surveyor Tool

April 27, 2010

Ohio-based Millman Surveying Inc., a national firm specializing in ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys for the commercial real estate market, introduced a new platform to view and interact with surveys and other due diligence property information.

Millman Virtual Surveyor is a proprietary, online password-protected tool that allows Millman clients and their attorneys, lenders and title companies to review and interact with property information. Users can seamlessly move between the components of a legal description and the corresponding call on the survey. In addition, a user can move between an easement on Schedule B of the Title Report to the document itself and its depiction on the survey.

By simply choosing from a comprehensive list of items such as encroachments, parking and zoning information, legend symbols, utilities and Table A items in the survey certification, the adjacent survey automatically zooms in to that item and highlights it in red for easy review. Advanced technology features such as satellite imagery and streaming video provide many points of view of the property from both the sky and the ground providing a virtual tour of the entire property.

The time-saving Millman Virtual Surveyor eliminates the need to spend valuable time sorting back and forth through a thick paper file.

Vince Macauda, President of Millman Land LLC said, "We have been working on this project for several years and believe that Millman Virtual Surveyor will truly revolutionize the task of reviewing title, survey, zoning and environmental reports. What's more, this unique tool firmly places our company at the cutting edge in the Real Estate Due Diligence arena. Our Beta tests with selected clients have indicated that the reaction is consistently well beyond their expectations."

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