Arizona Company Specializing in Trustee Sales Offers Title Insurance

March 30, 2010

An Arizona-based company specializing in trustee sales reported that it is now offering title insurance to its trustee sale bid system.

According to a press release, Sharp Equity reported it will issue a full commitment for title insurance with no conditions before clients pay for properties. The company said this opens the foreclosure market to the general public, allowing them to compete against investors.

“Buyers no longer have to worry about whether they are buying as a second on the title; or if the bid service they are working with will cover a loss if they make a mistake,” the company said. “Sharp Equity is alleviating the consumers’ stress by delivering title insurance to the buyer at the time they pay for the property. In addition Sharp Equity will hold the policy as ‘open’ until the consumer is able to sell the home; this will prevent the buyer from needing to pay for it again. Essentially they are giving them a free policy.”

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