Reason #8 to Attend ALTA®'s 2008 Annual Convention

September 25, 2008

Get the Inside Track on the Upcoming 2009 Political Landscape

Unsure of how to prepare for business under a new political executive leadership? Are you unprepared for times of political change? Don't worry! At ALTA's Annual Convention, we've gathered two of the nations best political analysts to help forecast next year's political environment. TIPAC proudly presents a political debate to discuss the future of American politics and the potential impact to the title industry. Republican Grover Norquist and Democrat Richard Goodstein are at the forefront of both Presidential campaigns and will share insider information on where the political marketplace is headed and how these changes may impact your business. These analysts will guide you through the times of political instability and help you achieve and fine tune your 2009 business strategies. Join us for an open forum discussion where you will walk away motivated, educated, and ready to take on the new political marketplace.

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