MISMO® Releases MXCompliance Title v2.3.2 Request and Response Certification

April 17, 2008

Compliance Title Request and Response certification allows organizations working in the title insurance industry to affirm their support of, and compliance to, MISMO standards for the transactions that help mitigate losses and protect property owners' and lenders' financial interest in real property."

Compliance with MISMO standards is a vital feature for systems and vendors because it reduces integration issues between different applications and provides the greatest efficiencies to users. In the MXCompliance Certification Program, implementers of MISMO's XML standards work with a Test Guide created for the transaction of interest. The test guide requires certification applicants to process three different use cases in compliance with the MISMO standard. As the industry continues to advance and adopt MISMO standards, MXCompliance Certifications have become an important way to demonstrate the highest possible level of support for the standards. Although some vendors may claim that a product or service "uses MISMO standards" or "complies with MISMO," only those who have undergone MXCompliance testing may display the logo fully supporting that claim.

Organizations attempting to earn certification submit the XML instance files and other documentation required by the Test Guide to the MXCompliance Web site and receive real time XML and business rule validation results. Powered by eHereNow's/validate Web Service technology, the MXCompliance engine assesses the submission files' accuracy and ensures that organizations that earn MXCompliance certification have implemented the standard in accordance with MISMO's requirements.

To download the certification requirements, please go to the MXCompliance Web site at http://mxcompliance.mismo.org.

Contact ALTA at 202-296-3671 or communications@alta.org.

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