ALTA® Releases 2007 Abstracter and Title Agent Operations Survey

January 31, 2008

The most up-to-date industry research on Abstracter and Title Agent operations is now available! ALTA Members who participated in the survey have already received their complimentary copy of the survey. This in depth survey includes data on subjects including: gross revenue, revenue by orders received, operating expenses, expenses by order, and other important operational and demographic information. Additionally, each year the survey contains a special section on topics that are "hot" in the industry. Previous surveys have included industry trends in employee benefits, office technology, and others. This year's special section focused on what many insiders believe is the most important issue facing the industry . . . State Legislative and Regulatory Actions.

Don't miss your opportunity to measure up to your peers in the industry and find out what the best of the best are doing to succeed. Go to the ALTA Store and get your copy of the ALTA 2007 Abstracter and Title Agent Operations Survey now!

And keep watching ALTA News You Can Use for your chance to participate in the 2008 survey and receive a complimentary copy of the report this time next year.

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