Simplifile and RamQuest Software, Inc. Integrate Systems

January 14, 2008

Working to increase productivity and provide industry-leading eRecording services, Simplifile, LC and Texas-based RamQuest Software, Inc. have announced the availability of Simplifile’s eRecording system on Closing Market, RamQuest Software’s digital network.

The integration of these systems allows documents electronically created by RamQuest title company customers using the Complete Closing title production system to be seamlessly transmitted to the Simplifile eRecording system for submission to recording jurisdictions (counties) nationwide on the Simplifile network. Those documents are then received by the target county, reviewed, recorded and returned to the Complete Closing system for archiving. This transmission of information is made possible through RamQuest’s Closing Market, a digital network that seamlessly integrates diverse software systems and gives business partners an easy and efficient way to do business together to provide superior service to meet customers’ needs.

“Simplifile is dedicated to automating mortgage process workflow to include round-trip electronic recording. Our commitment to providing our customers with fully automated workflow is the very reason we have elected to partner with RamQuest,” said Paul Clifford, President of Simplifile. “RamQuest is a leading provider of closing systems for the real estate market, and we are thrilled to structure an alliance that enables our mutual customers to enhance the value of their investment in closing and eRecording systems. RamQuest is a respected, premier provider of title operation tools and systems, and their closing services enjoy widespread industry acceptance. We look forward to offering the many benefits of Simplifile eRecording Services—including increased productivity, security and profitability—to RamQuest customers.”

More than a trend in land record document submission—eRecording is a government priority at federal, state and county levels across the country. eRecording is the process of submitting, receiving, and processing, via a secure Internet site, documents for recording that have traditionally been delivered to the county for recording by runner, express mail, or courier service. eRecording offers thousands of submitters nationwide filing documents into eRecording-enabled counties the ability to simplify, accelerate and enhance all aspects of the recording process.

Mick Goldstein, Senior Vice President of Business Development for Closing Market, remarked that the interface with Simplifile is another invaluable integration available through Closing Market that helps automate and streamline the closing process and increase access for title companies. “We are pleased to add eRecording with Simplifile to the list of services offered to title companies through the Closing Market network. This interface provides a means to increase profitability by increasing efficiency, immediately benefiting RamQuest customers on Closing Market using the Simplifile service.” For a complete list of all the services benefiting title companies that are currently available on Closing Market or coming in the near future, visit

Individuals and organizations that do business with Simplifile and RamQuest can contact the two companies directly for information on how they can benefit from this strategic alliance.

Source: Simplifile and RamQuest

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