DocuSign Seals the Deal by Having Home Buyers and Sellers 'DocuSign It'

July 25, 2007

Seattle, WA -- DocuSign announced that Real-a-Save, a Colorado-based online real estate company, has been using eSignature technology from DocuSign to reduce the time it takes for an agent to close deals and sign up new clients from several days to in some cases less than one hour. Instead of the usual week or longer to have paper documents signed using traditional mail, high priced couriers, overnight delivery or unreliable fax machines, Real-a-Save can now close a deal or sign up a new client in under an hour. Not only is this a huge productively boost for both buyers and sellers, it assures Real-a-Save that it has won the business and locked out the competition.

As companies and individuals increasingly move to Web-based services, the traditional pen-and-paper method of obtaining signatures is disappearing in many industries. DocuSign offers a fast and secure means to obtain legally binding signatures for documents, helping customers close business faster and save the cost and time involved with printing, mailing, faxing, scanning and storing paper documents. DocuSign has already surpassed the 3.4 million signature event mark in 2007 and has a goal of 10 million signature events by Earth Day 2008. Customers who are reaping the benefits of DocuSign's easy-to-use eSignature technology include such industry leaders as Amica, Coldwell Banker, Expedia, Fidelity Title, First Magnus Financial Corp., Land America Financial Group, Weyerhaeuser and Worldspan.

"In online residential real estate sales, increasing close rates and decreasing sign-up time has a significant impact on our success, and DocuSign has helped us secure this advantage over our competitors," said Bob Connors, founder and CEO of Real-a-Save. "From day one we set out to make the process of buying and selling homes as simple as possible in order to ease the burden on our customers and reduce their costs of buying and selling a home. Not only does DocuSign's intuitive service make it very simple for our customers to electronically sign contracts and documents using the Web, but by using DocuSign we have a very positive impact on the environment."

In addition to being an entirely paperless office, Real-a-Save chose the Toyota Prius hybrid as its official company car. DocuSign's eSignature technology has helped Real-a-Save decrease paper usage, reduce the company's dependence on fax machines, and entirely eliminate the need to drive to see customers for in-person signings. "We looked at other eSignature options but none were as intuitive and easy to use as DocuSign. From our perspective it was an absolute no-brainer to use DocuSign's eSignature service," said Connors.

Historically, the process of locking down a deal between a buyer and seller, or broker and client, was time-consuming and inefficient. Real estate customers typically had to drive to the agent's and mortgage lender's offices to review and sign documents, which would then be routed to the seller's agent for review and signature. Problems could arise at anytime - the faxed documents could be missing a signature that would void the entire deal, signatures could be illegible, or documents could be missing entire pages. Using eSignature technology has helped the team at Real-a-Save reduce the time it takes to close deals or sign up new clients, cut down on gas and paper consumption, and helped to position Real-a-Save as a progressive, Web-based company that understands the value of using advanced technology.

Source: DocuSign

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