RamQuest Software and Ellie Mae Partner to Forge Electronic Links between Title Companies and Brokers

July 23, 2007

RamQuest Software, Inc., and Ellie Mae have formed a strategic partnership that integrates the ePASS Network and RamQuest Closing Market systems. The result is a synergistic solution that enables users of each system the opportunity to expand their network of customers and suppliers with speed, ease and convenience.

Title companies using RamQuest’s Closing Market software can now use the ePASS Network to offer their services to brokers and lenders using Ellie Mae’s Encompass® Mortgage Management System. Lenders and brokers using Encompass, on the other hand, will now have access to a wider selection of title companies, as well as the luxury of ordering title services and retrieving documents without ever having to leave their Encompass loan origination systems. The strategic partnership formed between RamQuest and Ellie Mae offers title companies using RamQuest’s solution the opportunity to increase their visibility among Encompass users and affords Encompass users a broader choice of providers for title services, along with the convenience of one-click title ordering. All title companies enrolled in Closing Market may participate, and can begin to receive orders from Encompass users electronically, via the Closing Market network. As another bonus, these title companies will also be able to use the ePASS Network to return final documents back to the brokers electronically, saving valuable time and increasing company efficiency.

“Ellie Mae has always been devoted to leveraging technology for the purpose of bringing the industry together, creating synergistic relationships and ultimately enhancing the overall mortgage process,” states Jonathan Corr, chief strategy officer at Ellie Mae. “By partnering with RamQuest, we feel we’ve done all three. We’ve leveraged the power of connectivity to foster smoother and easier communication between Encompass users and RamQuest title companies; we’re helping to build synergy among brokers and more third party providers; and by enabling brokers to order title services directly from their Encompass systems, we’re really helping to enhance the mortgage process. We’re very pleased to be partnering with RamQuest Software, which demonstrates the type of vision that definitely propels the industry forward.”

RamQuest president and CEO Mark McElroy commented that the interface with Ellie Mae is an example of e-business in today’s title industry. “This is the future – it has arrived and it will become the standard in business moving forward,” said McElroy. “The collaboration of cross industry software platforms is key to the expansion, improvement, and efficiency of an industry. Traditional marketing is not enough anymore. The integration of the ePASS and Closing Market networks expands business opportunities for users of both of these systems while improving efficiency and speed of service. “

Source: Ellie Mae / About RamQuest

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