InWare™ Makes Memories With Realtor Version of InTitle™ Software

May 29, 2007

InWare has released its Realtor version of InTitle, the company’s flagship real estate software. InTitle, an electronic document delivery solution, has embedded marketing capability that sets the program apart from other document delivery products currently on the market. The Realtor version was developed primarily as a means for agents or brokers to produce a polished takeaway on CD for prospective buyers as an alternative to handouts such as open house listing sheets.

By using interactive Flash presentation, tabbed organization, and customizable templates, the InTitle Realtor version turns a standard CD into an all-inclusive take home resource for homebuyers, many of whom are physically viewing nearly a dozen homes in a single day as well as virtually scanning up to five times as many using their home Internet connection.

Buyers who visit a property open house want the essentials. With the Realtor version, agents can provide prospective buyers with floor plans, community incentive or loan programs, neighborhood demographics, comparables, photos, and even video clips, custom narration, or a personalized message, all packaged neatly on CD. The program allows agents to pull documentation—home inventory and warranty information, disclosure documents, purchase agreements—from a local network or user drive for inclusion.

At the same time, sellers are likely to appreciate agents’ focus on their properties rather than others they may have listed, although summary information about other listings may be included and hyperlinked on the CD. Agents who want to co-brand industry associates can include contact information and company logos and still remain the point of contact for the transaction.

While a number of InTitle versions have been developed for title insurance companies, including those that tightly integrate with some of the nation’s largest title production systems, the Realtor version is independently operating and comes with its own back-end database and CD-burning capability. The program uses professionally designed templates for content presentation that can be customized quickly and easily by the agent for each property listing.

“When you personalize your listing presentation and tailor it to the property you’re showing, prospective buyers are going to distinctly remember that property. At some point properties start to blur together for the buyer,” said Andrew Rennell, InWare’s president and co-founder. “With the Realtor version of InTitle, the agent gives buyers the opportunity for a more formal showing. The CD in hand makes the property and the agent memorable and accessible.”

Source: InWare

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