Stop Fraud In Just Seven Seconds: Exclusive AllRegs Academy Training & Designation

May 9, 2007

You’re at the closing table. You represent a title company or a mortgage lender. The sellers pull out his driver’s license, her passport or their permanent residents cards. How do you know they’re real? Are you going to be the next victim of fraud?

AllRegs, an online publisher of reference information for the residential mortgage lending industry, has teamed up with the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) to offer fraudulent document recognition training to the mortgage lending industry.

“Combining AAMVA’s knowledge and propensity in fraudulent document recognition training with AllRegs’ expertise in mortgage regulations provides an unmatched opportunity for professionals in the mortgage industry,” states Dan Thoms, senior vice president of AllRegs. “Upon completion of the program, students will be able to recognize suspicious identity documents and detect fraudulent items on the 1003.”

AllRegs Academy Offered through AllRegs Academy, the prescribed curriculum includes an online course as well as a five-day classroom requirement. At the completion of the program, attendees will be able to:

  • Identify suspicious documents in as little as seven seconds;
  • Recognize security features and unique identifiers on identity documents, including passports, drivers’ licenses, social security cards and birth certificates;
  • Locate and verify covert security features on identification documents, including metricular cards and I-94s;
  • Detect fraudulent mortgage documents, such as a fraudulent 1003 loan application; and
  • Identify ten red flags on the 1003 loan application.

Exclusive Opportunity After meeting experience requirements, students who successfully complete the Fraudulent Document Recognition Online Course and the Advanced Fraudulent Document Recognition Classroom Course will receive the Certified Fraudulent Document Examiner (CFDE) designation. “This program is exclusive to our AllRegs Academy training program,” asserts Thoms. “This is the only designation of its kind offered in our industry.”

In fact, those who seek the Certified Fraudulent Document Examiner (CFDE) designation must sign and abide by the Security & Liability Agreement, ensuring protection of covert security features of identification documents revealed to students only during the classroom phase of the CFDE program.

“AAMVA members are experts in driver’s license and identification processes and credentials,” said Patrice Aasmo, AAMVA senior vice president of Product Development. “In our efforts to develop effective education for our membership, we have found there is great value in harnessing that expertise and tailoring it for other marketplaces. That is why we are thrilled to be in this alliance with AllRegs and to play a role in helping businesses in the mortgage industry reduce fraud, increase professionalism and enhance customer service.”

Enroll Now Enrollment is currently open for the CFDE designation and registration for both training courses is available. Upcoming classroom courses are scheduled in Washington, D.C. in June 2007, Newport Beach, CA in September 2007, and Las Vegas, NV in December 2007. To learn more and register for the course, visit AllRegs Academy at or call 800-848-4904.

“Everyone involved in the mortgage industry would benefit from this training,” concludes Thoms. “With the increased incidence of fraud, this is an opportunity to be proactive in combating this industry-wide problem.”

Source: AllRegs / AAMVA

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