Canyon Title Soars to New Heights with eTitleAxis

April 24, 2007

DENVER, CO, AND FRISCO, TX – (ALTA Tech Forum, Booth #6/7) – eTitleAxis is enabling a Colorado-based title company to soar to new heights and gain competitive advantage. Since going live with the Web-based transaction management system, Canyon Title LLC has improved productivity and enhanced collaboration to accelerate order processing and facilitate growth.

“In a world hungry for instant or on-demand information, it’s nearly impossible not to run a business from the Web,” said Robert Lindley, president, Canyon Title. “The online accessibility allows employees to create flexible work schedules that result in stronger work/life balance. My employees are happy, and my customers are even happier.”

eTitleAxis enables secure, online collaboration with all parties involved in the title and settlement process. Canyon Title is leveraging this capability to create partnerships with small to medium sized mortgage companies and real estate brokerages. These partnerships not only provide a convenient one-stop shopping experience for customers, but also enable the companies to succeed in a highly competitive market.

“With eTitleAxis, I have complete control of the business from one system,” added Lindley. “We can track 100 percent of all written communication in eTitleAxis. Not only have we streamlined the process, but the level of accountability has been raised dramatically. Our escrow officers have been impressed with the results.”

Title companies can gain insight into how they can achieve similar efficiencies by using eTitleAxis by visiting Booth #6/7 at the ALTA Tech Forum, April 22-24, in Denver, Colo.

“The ability to go beyond open-to-close transaction processing and really gain an understanding of overall business performance is critical for title companies, especially with changing market conditions,” said Jon Allen, vice president, business development, eTitleAxis. “We continually enhance eTitleAxis based on the evolving needs of our customers to help them be more productive, deliver superior service to their clients, and have the ability to scale and grow their business. Our goal is for eTitleAxis to be the most technologically advanced system on the market.”

Allen along with Brenda Bissett, director of customer service, eTitleAxis, will provide insight into the latest trends in title and settlement system technology, from total transaction management to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). The two are featured speakers during the three-day event.

eTitleAxis is the first title and settlement system that enables both total transaction management and leverages VoIP technology for enhanced communications and collaboration.

Source: About Hall Settlement Systems

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