Stewart Transaction Solutions optimizes SureClose® with "Best of Breed" scanning solution

April 1, 2007

SureClose, Stewart's online transaction management platform, provides a whole new level of service with the release of the SureScan integrated scanning solution, developed in partnership with innovative software provider, Certify Data Systems, Inc.

"SureScan was designed to enhance the efficiency of digitizing paper and moving it into SureClose," said Tom Groom, vice president, product development, Stewart Transaction Solutions. "The speed of document input and secure, guaranteed delivery positions SureScan as one of the premier technologies in appliance-based technology on the market today."

SureClose eliminates the hassle of paper-based closing documentation by integrating with SureScan — a simple, easy-to-use scanning solution created to streamline the entire list-to-close process. SureScan is a desktop scanning solution that can be loaded onto any PC connected to the Internet with a twain-compliant scanner. SureScan also has the option for a freestanding or wall-mounted touch-screen scanning kiosk to digitally process images and securely transmit documents to SureClose.

"SureScan gives users a paperless advantage by ensuring that all critical real estate documents, regardless of scanner, are quickly and securely uploaded to SureClose," Groom continues. "It combines software and hardware into one integrated, affordable solution."

SureScan reduces keystrokes and errors by allowing users to scan and file documents directly into SureClose placeholders and scan documents directly to e-mail. SureScan sends compressed, indexed documents with 128-bit encryption directly to SureClose and provides verification that the document has been filed successfully.

Source: Stewart Transaction Solutions

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