Tommy Thompson to Speak at ALTA® Federal Conference

February 27, 2007

Former head of the Department of Health & Human Services, (and possible 2008 presidential candidate) Tommy Thompson, will speak during the ALTA Federal Conference about the future of healthcare in America.

As Secretary of HHS, Thompson initially focused on increasing the number of organ donations nationally and helped created President Bush's plan that allowed for limited federal funding for embryonic stem cell research for the first time. He helped spearhead the Bush Administration's push to pass the Medicare Moderization Act, which provided a prescription drug benefit and increased preventive screenings to Medicare beneficiaries.

Thompson served as Governor of Wisconsin from 1986 to 2001. He became the first Governor in the state's history to be elected to a third four-year term. Thompon's appearance was arranged by long-term friend and title industry leader, Mike Wille, who passed away last September.

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