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How to Embed a Culture of Inclusion and Diversity

Bringing a diverse pool of employees into your company is great, but unless those employees feel included and welcomed, retention could be a challenge. Beyond creating a positive, welcoming environment, inclusion has many benefits, including increased employee performance, retention and financial growth. Creating inclusive, diverse workplaces is more than just a “nice” thing to do. Register for this webinar to hear from industry experts and find out how to maximize your inclusion efforts in this informative and motivational seminar.

Register for this webinar to:

  • Better understand diversity
  • Get tips on how to drive diversity and inclusion
  • Hear examples of what successful companies are doing 
  • Learn how diversity can grow your business and make your company stronger

CE/CLE is not available for this webinar

How to Get Your Cyber House in Order

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, in a PwC simulated phishing attack on mid- to large-size financial institutions, 70 percent of phishing emails were delivered to their targets, while 7 percent of recipients clicked on the malicious link. As has been proven time and time again, it only takes one: One click, one failed alert or one unsuspecting employee, and the criminal can be in your network. Heightened awareness can be a powerful antidote. Register for this Qualia-sponsored ALTA Insights webinar to learn how to safeguard against social engineering, phishing and business email compromise (BEC) scams.  

The webinar will cover:

  • Latest cyber statistics
  • Impact on the real estate industry
  • Tips to protect you, your agency and clients
  • How to develop a response plan

CE/CLE is available in many states for this webinar.

How to Use Social Media as a Digital Marketing Tool

Social media can be a cost-effective way for title and settlement companies to reach target audiences and grow their market share. Powered by the Homeowner Outreach Program, ALTA provides members several digital advertising and marketing options that can be used on social media. There are also several resources to educate real estate agents, consumers and lenders about the benefits of title insurance and how it protects property rights. Your next deal could be one “like” away. Become part of the conversation to control your message through social media.

The webinar will discuss:

  • The marketing resources available that can be used right away and where to find them.
  • How title and settlement agents have used the material and what are the unique uses of the resources.
  • Testimonials on the resources used that have resulted in successful campaigns.
  • Tips and demo to get started or how to enhance your current digital marketing efforts. 


  • Linda Grahovec NTP | Director of Education and Marketing Strategy | FNF Family of Companies
  • Patrick Harris | Business Development | Western Title Co.
  • Kaelyn Guillory | Marketing Director | Ironclad Title

CE/CLE is not available for this webinar.

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Telling Your Story: Why It Matters to Your Business and Industry

Promoting your company should always be top of mind. Join us for this ALTA Insights webinar as we discuss how telling your story effectively can help grow business, showcase your culture and attract new talent. Meanwhile, results of the 2020 election mean many new faces in Congress and new department heads who will bring a different attitude toward supervision and enforcement. You can benefit from policymakers having a deeper understanding of our industry’s people, processes and purpose. Register for this webinar to learn:

  • Why stories are effective
  • Elements of a good story
  • How to find and share your stories


  • Mary O’Donnell | President and CEO | Westcor Land Title Insurance Co.
  • Jim Scott Polsinelli | Chief Creative Officer | Marathon Strategies

CE/CLE is not available for this webinar.

This webinar is powered by Westcor

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ALTA Insights: The Big Short? 2021 Housing Market Forecast

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the housing market surpassed expectations in 2020. Will the strong real estate market carry over into 2021? Mortgage rates are expected to remain low for the foreseeable future, but a big short in housing supply will continue into 2021, likely keeping house price appreciation flying high. Join us for our next ALTA Insights webinar “The Big Short? 2021 Housing Market Forecast” and get a better understanding of how this will impact the real estate market and the types of title orders that will come in your door over the next year. The webinar will address mortgage rates, potential for existing-home sales, new construction, housing supply and price appreciation.

  • Odeta Kushi | Deputy Chief Economist | First American Financial

CE/CLE is not available for this webinar.

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ALTA Insights: Increasing Engagement in the New Remote Working Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented changes for many industries—including title and settlement companies. For some employees, working from home is business as usual. For others, this may be the first time they've telecommuted. This working arrangement may seem exciting at first, but it can lose its appeal over time, resulting in disengaged employees. When employees aren't engaged, their productivity and motivation can suffer. Listen to this Qualia-sponsored ALTA Insights webinar to learn how to better engage remote employees based upon their wiring pattern. 

This webinar will help you:

  • Learn why some people who do enjoy working remotely still become de-energized.
  • Improve ideation and innovation based upon people’s wiring.
  • Enhance communication and increase employee participation in webinars and Zoom-type meetings.
  • Increase employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Each webinar attendee will have the opportunity to take the AcuMax and receive their own Remote Engagement report.


  • James Hawreluk | CEO | AcuMax Index

CE/CLE is not available for this webinar.

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